Break the barries

Join your trusted network of friends and family!

  • Do you travel to, or have friends and family in a country where access to popular content and services is blocked by your ISP or government?
  • Do you find it difficult to make international payments to paid VPN providers?
  • Is your current VPN provider too slow and unreliable?
  • Are you fed up with current VPN providers harvesting and selling your data to advertisers?
Join the global movement of WEPN providers and ask your friends or family who live in other countries to purchase and setup a WEPN home server. Once they add you to the list of users, you can use a ShadowSocks client such as Outline app on your mobile phone or laptop to connect and route your traffic through VPN for free!

WEPN consists of three parts:

  • a hardware device, which we will provide if you get accepted to our beta program;
  • a software to control your hardware device and give access to it;
  • a software installed by your users to connect to your device.
To be able to use the WEPN service, you need a WEPN device in a country with free internet access hosted by yourself or someone you mutually trust.

Why Should You Join?

  • We respect and protect your privacy.
  • Software is open sourced and audited for security.
  • No monthly fees!
  • Your traffic runs through your trusted friends or family network!

Download Outline App Here

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WEPN mobile app screenshot

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses the most frequently asked questions about WEPN server concept, Outline client, and how to use it.

1. How does using Outline app give me access to websites that I don’t otherwise have access to?

Outline app works by allowing users to route their internet traffic through their host’s WEPN gateway / home server which is often in another country. This permits them to experience the internet in the country where the WEPN home server is located.

2. What is unique about WEPN?

In countries implementing internet censorship, often once commercial VPN services get overly popular, their IP addresses get noticed and eventually get blocked. The VPN service provided by WEPN providers are much more stealthy and harder to block since they are only shared with you and handful of other people. Because WEPN servers are intended for use by small group of individuals, users connecting to these servers are less likely to experience slowdowns during peak hours. Plus, there’s no monthly subscription fee with WEPN.

3. How does Outline protect my communications when I'm online?

Outline helps keep your communications private by encrypting them until they reach the host’s WEPN home server. By encrypting your information in-transit, network onlookers on it can’t decrypt and see what websites you are visiting or what information is being transferred. Please note that you are implicitly trusting your WEPN provider. With some technical effort, they can in theory monitor your traffic. Please ensure you trust your WEPN provider before using their connection.

4. How do I get the Outline App?

You can also download the Outline Apps directly from the app stores and GitHub: Windows, Android, or Chrome OS on the Google Play Store iOS, macOS.

5. How do I connect to a WEPN home server?

When a WEPN home server is purchased and setup, the server owner can invite people to use it by sharing a unique URL via email. With this unique URL, invited users can obtain the appropriate Outline clients and credentials depending on their platform of choice, and connect to the WEPN server.

6. Who has developed the Outline apps?

Outline is open source software developed by Jigsaw, an Alphabet Inc subsidiary company. You can check out and contribute to the Outline code on GitHub. Outline uses Shadowsocks, a secure open-source protocol that is trusted by millions of users to access the free and open web. In November 2017, Outline was audited by Radically Open Security, a non-profit cybersecurity firm in the Netherlands. You can read their public report here.