Be your own VPN provider

Join us in making the world free and safe!

Use your unutilized home internet bandwidth to provide uncensored, free, and secure internet access to yourself, your family, and friends. Their traffic will be routed through WEPN gateway in your home.

Install and run Outline client VPN app on your mobile phone or laptop when you are at a coffee shop, or while travelling or using open/unsecured networks to securely mask and route your internet traffic through your home. No need to pay a VPN provider and expose your traffic to potentially malicious third parties. You are your own VPN provider.

Why Should You Join?

  • You are in full control of your traffic and data.
  • We respect and protect your privacy.
  • Software is open sourced and audited for security.
  • No monthly fees.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is WEPN different than using a paid third party VPN provider?

Third party VPN providers can gain full visibility into your internet traffic and know which websites you are visiting. Some are known to harvest such user’s data and sell them off to advertisers and other interested parties, and even inject their own ads. With WEPN gateway device, you can setup your own trusted and secure VPN service and protect your data from malicious third parties, and even share access with your friends and family. In addition, there’s no monthly fees for using WEPN on your home network.

2. How do I setup WEPN?

After receiving the WEPN device in mail, please unbox and follow the instructions in the enclosed user manual. The setup process requires plugging your device into your home router, powering it up with the wall adapter, and registering it on WEPN mobile app. You can download and install WEPN device management app from Google Play and App store.

3. How do I give access to my friends and family?

Install WEPN mobile app, login and add your friends inside the app. They will receive an email with instructions to connect to your gateway. You can add yourself too. This way you can use VPN service while travelling or on an unsecured connection! Anyone, you give access to, will be able to route their traffic through your home internet connection.

4. What data and information do you collect?

We do not have access to either WEPN provider’s or their user’s internet traffic and data. We store the email addresses of WEPN providers and users to whom they give access to, the IP addresses of WEPN devices, as well as device diagnostic/status information.

5. How do I update the device?

WEPN devices are setup to automatically and routinely check for software updates and install them as they become available.

6. Should I let strangers to connect to my WEPN home server?

When you add someone as a friend, they can route their traffic through your WEPN home server. Their online activity will be traced back to your home IP address. Before adding anyone, ask yourself this question: “Would I invite this person to my house and give them access to my WiFi network?”; if the answer is yes, you may go ahead and add them.