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With companies and governments being actively investing in new ways to harvest user information, it is vital for any user to easily have ways to evade such constant monitoring. Beyond that, the pervasive methods of filtering content make anti-surveilance technology a priority. The main obstacle in creating such technology is the high cost of maintaining such protective services. Only bigger corporations have the resources to conatantly maintain servers.

By automating most of the tasks required for creating such services, we aim to allow people to access open and unfiltered internet, without the constant fear of being monitored by corporations or governments.

Who we are?

We are a group of technologists and online activists. We are concerned about use of technology to invade privacy of users and limiting their freedom of expression.

Our mission

We fight to restore power to individuals in the cyber age. We hope to do so by both educating users and providing them with tools needed to fight back against invasions of their privacy.

Our vision

At WEPN, we look forward to a day online privacy of users is considered a right.

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